Courage: Moving Forward

The closing process can be hectic when selling or purchasing a new home.  I was doing both within a month.  Selling one upstream, purchasing one downstream.  As I was finishing the process on paper to my new location, adventure was happening.  I was not only opening a door to my home, but also to a new community.  Moving forward.

My son and I began picking out colors for the walls; carpenters revealed beautiful hardwood floors underneath old carpet among other jobs for a home built in 1890 and in need of renovation. We chose light peach for the kitchen accenting oak cabinets. Next, light sage for the living area and aqua marine for his making a beautiful combination for the eleven foot ceilings. We finished off with almond butter in mine and gloss white trim throughout.  The outside of the light blue house with grey accents and white trim finished off like a soothing reflection of earth.  Moving forward with ease.

The first lingering visits to this old house were calming, as I waited to obtain bids for jobs about the property.  A neighbor across the way approached and shared knowledge on the layout of underground lines.  Another shared her love of books which made for an interesting long chat. And another offered to mow the front yard before our move. Later, she invited me to church.  It was like the welcome wagon.  Moving forward with energy.

I took up that invitation.  Each week I met someone new and it has left me pondering in thought.  When life is moving swiftly forward, it’s hard to realize all the happenings.  Now after some time, I am humbled to reflect upon the path chosen without hesitation.  Courage is moving forward, trusting, and having faith in the moment. You can always take time to reflect and be amazed, humbled, and thankful; but you must move forward to experience what it can be.  Moving forward with confidence.

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